Youngs American Amber Ale (40 pint)

An American Amber Ale beer kit that makes 40 pints of about 5.4% ABV.

This kit is the latest from Youngs and is part of their American Beer range.

Full instructions are provided on the box and you will find all the equipment you need to make this 40 pint kit in our Complete Home Brew Starter Kit for Beer.

The difference with these kits are that you get to add the hops for extra flavour and it comes with all the ingredients you need to make it, even the priming sugar for bottles or a barrel.

From the Box:

"Perfect soft malt character with a rounded mouth feel held together with a floral hop character with pungent tones of pine resin and subtle earthy undertones."

Hops Used:

Pacific Jade, Summit, Cluster



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