Strawberry Wine Recipe Pack 1 Gallon

A Strawberry Wine Recipe Pack. Apart from equipment, sugar and the apple and blackberries this pack contains everything else you will need to make 1 gallon.
This Strawberry Wine Recipe Kit is designed to be used with the equipment in the Country Wine Starter Kit.
You will need to bottle the finished wine, using either glass bottles,Corks and Corker or using Plastic Bottles.
To give your finished wine the professional look, check out our Finishing items, such as labels and shrink caps.


This Recipe Kit includes

100g Yeast Nutrient

50 Campden Tablets

30g Fermentation Stopper

50g Wine Tannin

100g Citric Acid

1 sachet of Red Wine Yeast

A printed recipe will be supplied with the order.

Please make sure you check the recipe before ordering multiple kits as most the ingredients supplied will be sufficient for more than one batch of wine.


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