Stockpot Brews Starter Kit

This is the equipment needed to make a Stockpot Brews Recipe Pack and comes with your choice of Recipe Kit.

The kit includes;

A Fermenting Bucket - This is what you ferment your beer in until its ready for bottling

18 x 500 ml Bottles - This is what you will store in and dispense your beer from.

Syphon Tube - This is used to transfer your beer from the bucket into the bottles, without disturbing the sediment left behind when fermenting.

Syphon Tube Clip - This handy device fits onto your syphon, which you squeeze to restrict the flow of beer when changing over bottles, meaning you don't have to start all over again for each bottle or risk spilling any beer

Recipe Pack - Choose your first brew from the drop down menu.

You will need a pot big enough to hold at least 4 litres and a plastic spoon (These are NOT included in the kit).


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