Still Spirits Barrel 674 Single Malt Whiskey Distillery Kit

The Still Spirits barrel 674 single malt distillery kit includes malt extract to be fermented, distilled and aged to create an authentic spirit.

You will need to add 5kg (11 lb) Dextrose 

For best results distill with the Still Spirits Pot Still Alembic Condenser, Copper Dome and T500 Boiler.

Tasting Notes:

A sweet, warming whiskey with notes of almond, vanilla and oak. Straw in colour. Smooth and earthy in character with a lingering note of honey.


3kg (6.6lb) Premium Single Malt Whiskey Substrate (malt extract)

130g (4.6oz) Still Spirits Turbo Clear

72g (2.5oz) Whiskey Distiller's Yeast

15g (0.5oz) American Heavy Toasted Oak Chips

5g (0.2oz) Antifoam


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