Premium Home Brew Starter Kit for Wine 6 Bottle

Everything you need to start a 6 bottle wine kit. Just add water and 500g of sugar.

You need to store your wine after fermentation, full details on how to do this are provided below.

This kit includes;

1 Gallon Plastic Demi-John

Bubbler Airlock

Syphon Tube

100grm Steriliser

14cm Funnel

And a 6 Bottle wine kit of your choice, with full instructions.


These kits require the addition of sugar. It is possible to use granulated sugar, however we do sell Brewing Sugar. This sugar will provide food for the yeast to turn to alcohol without sweetening your wine.

You will also need something to store your wine in after fermentation, you can choose to include some Plastic Bottles in your order, or use sterilised recycled wine bottles and our Basic Corking Set.

To give your finished wine the professional look, check out our Finishing items, such as labels and shrink caps.


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