Muntons Premium Mexican Cerveza Home Brewing Kit

Mexican cervesa kit that makes 40 pints, just add 1 kg of sugar (or spraymalt) and water.

From the can: A gentle delicate light lager, subtly flavoured yet refreshing to the full.

This is a mexican cervesa from the Muntons premium range, which is a few quid more than some other premium kits, but you'll notice the quality difference once you try it. 

This kit only requires the addition of water and 1kg of sugar. You can use household sugar, but you will get a better taste using Brewing Sugar.

You can also use Spray Malt instead of sugar and this will greatly improve the body of the beer.

Full instructions are provided on the inside of the cap and you will find all the equipment you need to make this 40 pint kit in our Complete Home Brew Starter Kit for Beer.


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