Muntons Gold Docklands Porter (40 pint)

At the turn of the 19th century a very special beer was brewed for the dockyard workers of the bustling Port of London. Docklands Porter was named after the strong men who unloaded cargo from the ships berthed at the many wharves along the Thames. Porter had a uniquely rich, satisfying flavour which quenched the thirst of dockers after long, hard shifts. The distinctive light hop character, full malt flavour and rich colour is achieved by using only the finest roasted malts.

A 40 pint Docklands Porter kit, made using premium malted barley, that is on average 4.5% ABV.

Muntons are one of the biggest beer and wine kit manufacturers in the world and these kits really show this quality and produce impeccable beer every time.

This 2 can kit, contains 3kg of malt extract, so you do not need to add any sugar during the fermentation, however, you will still need to add priming sugar when bottling or barreling, you can use normal household sugar, Brewing Sugar or the handy Carbonation Drops.

Full instructions are provided on the box and you will find all the equipment you need to make this 40 pint porter kit in our Complete Home Brew Starter Kit for Beer.


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