Making Wine From Grapes Kit 1 Gallon

This kit has all the equipment you need to make wine from grapes. All you need is the grapes! 

If you find you haven't quite got enough juice from the grapes to fill a gallon, you can top up with grape juice or wine concentrate

You will also need something to store your wine in after fermentation, you can choose to include some Plastic Bottles in your order, or use sterilised recycled wine bottles and our Basic Corking Set.

The Making Wine From Grapes 1 Gallon Kit includes:

10 L Fermentation Bucket

1 Gallon Glass Demi John

Bubbler Airlock and Bung

50 Campden Tablets

Yeast Sachet (Red or White)

Straining Bag

14cm Funnel


Trial Jar

100grm Steriliser

Syphoning Kit


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