Geordie Lager 40pt Home Brewing Kit

A light, refreshing beer with a tangy continental taste. Made from natural ingredients - malt, hops and barley - it's sparkling and light gold in colour. Ideally served straight from the fridge. This kit only needs 1 kg of sugar and water added to make 40 pints.

This is a great kit if your starting out or if you want to experiment with different ingredients as these kits are cheap enough if something goes wrong and are of quality enough to be a decent base.

This kit only requires the addition of water and 1kg of sugar. You can use household sugar, but you will get an unsweetened taste using Brewing Sugar or Spraymalt.

Full instructions are provided inside the lid of the can, however, for a rough guide to brewing with a single can kit such as this one take a look at our guide; Making Beer Using Single Can Kits

You will find all the equipment you need to make this 40 pint Bitter Kit in our Complete Home Brew Starter Kit for Beer.


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