Easy Elderflower Champagne Kit 8 Litres

This kit is everything you need to make 8 Litres of elderflower champagne, except from about 15 fresh elderflower heads (or 30g dried elderflowers), 5 lemons (or 3 tsp citric acid), 2 tbsp white wine vinegar, 1KG sugar and water.


1 X 10 Litre Bucket with Lid (drilled with Grommet)

1 X Airlock

1 X Complete Syphon Kit

8 x 1 L PET Bottles

100g Steriliser

1 x Muslin

1 x Spoon

1 Sachet Champagne Yeast

And your choice of a packet of dried elderflowers.

Full instructions can be found in our Recipe section and a printed recipe will be delivered with your order. 

Please Note:

Standard wine bottles and corks are NOT strong enough to make elderflower champagne with.

You will need to use the PET Bottles supplied with the kit.


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