Coopers Ginger Beer 20 litres Home Brew Beer Kit

A thirst quenching, traditional bevy with a hint of spice and plenty of bite. A kilo of raw sugar makes it alcoholic or priming sugar in the bottles only for the non-alcoholic variety.Original Family Recipe - A traditional flavoured ginger beer with a hint of spice and plenty of bite, sure to quench the deepest thirst.

A 20 Litre Ginger Beer Kit from Coopers.

Coopers are one of the biggest Beer Kit manufacturers in the world and these kits are brilliant. If you want top quality and consistency time after time, without paying too much then these kits are ideal.

You can add 1Kg of Brewing Sugar to this kit but Coopers suggest 500g Light Spray Malt and 300g Brewing Sugar.

Full instructions are provided on the inside of the cap and you will find all the equipment you need to make this 40 pint Australian Draught Kit in our Beer Starter Kit.


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