Cider From Apples 1 Gallon Starter Kit

This kit is designed to give you all the equipment and ingredients you will need to ferment your cider. 

You will need to pulp the apples before the press, this can be done by either; using a large stick to squash the apples in a bucket, Freezing and defrosting the apples then mush by hand or a potato masher or finally using a pulp master and blade.

Then after fermentation you will need to put the cider into Bottles or a Barrel.


1 Gallon Glass Demi-John with Airlock and Bung

10 litre Fermentation Bucket

1.5 Litre Stainless Steel Press

Complete Syphon Kit

Cider Paddle


Trial Jar

100g Steriliser

Campden Tablets

1 Sachet Cider Yeast

1 Kg Brewing Sugar



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