Complete Home Brew Starter Equipment Kit for Wine 30 Bottle

This pack contains the equipment you need to start a 30 bottle wine kit. You just need to add the Wine Kit and think about how you want to store the wine. 

This kit includes;

25 litre fermentation bin and lid 
25 litre wide neck fermenter 
Bubbler Airlock and Bung 
Syphon Tube 
100grm Steriliser 
Trial Jar

Some wine kits require the addition of sugar. It is possible to use granulated sugar, however we do sell Brewing Sugar. This sugar will add body and food for the yeast to turn to alcohol without sweetening your wine.

You will also need something to store your wine in after fermentation;

We dont include this in the equipment kit as there are many ways; bottling, bags or barrels.

If you are bottling into re-cycled wine bottles you will need some Corks and a Corking Device, we offer a Basic Corking Starer set as an added extra. The corking starter set comes with a hand corker and 30 corks.

To give your finished wine the professional look, check out our Finishing items, such as labels and shrink caps.


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