Brew In The Bag Complete Starter Kit

This is The Complete Brew In The Bag Starter Kit, it contains all you need to get a 3 gallon batch of beer made using the brew in the bag method, including a recipe kit of your choice.

Full instructions are provided, you will just need to provide the water, of which you can use tap water (treated or not) or bottled water. You will need access to a heat source, the most popular sources being a kitchen hob or a free standing gas burner.

The Brew In The Bag Starter Kit includes:

1 x Boiling Pan

1 x Mashing Bag

1 x Paddle

1 x Spirit Thermometer

1 x Syphon Kit

1 x 15 litre Fermentation Bucket

27 x 500ml PET Bottles With Screw Top Lids

1 x 3 Gallon Brew In The Bag Recipe Pack


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