Beer and Wine Paddle 16 inch

16 inch Beer Paddle used for stirring wort or must and to dissolve any sugar added.

The 16 inch plastic Beer or Wine Paddle is a useful tool when home beer and winemaking, if using the kits it is used to mix the malt extract or grape juice and to help dissolve any sugar you may need as well as stiring in yeast, finings or any additives.

As it is food grade plastic, once its sterilised, you can be confident that it wont spoil your brew.

At Brewers Barn we advise that you do have a separate stirring device, whether this Paddle or the Plastic Spoon, in order to ensure there is no risk of contaminating your brew this is why we include it in our Homebrew Beer Starter Kit, Cider Starter Kit, 30 Bottle Wine Kit and our Mead Making Starter Kit.


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