1 Litre Sloe Gin Making Kit

All the equipment needed to make sloe gin, either make or buy the gin and your away.
It comes with the option of using dried sloes, so you can make sloe gin any time of year!
This Sloe Gin Making Kit includes the following items;
1 x 1 Litre Jar
1 x Muslin
1 x Funnel
2 x 500 ml Swing Top Bottles
1 x 100g Steriliser 
Printed Instructions
You can also add the option of 250 g of Dried Sloes to your order.



500 g Fresh Sloes / 250 g Dried Sloes

200 g Sugar

750 ml Gin

250 ml Water


Ensure you sterilise all equipment before you start.

If using Dried Sloes: First wash the dried sloes in water until the water runs clear, then soak them in 200 ml warm water for 12 hours, covered with a tea towel. (retain this water for use later adding to the jar) 

If using fresh sloes: Wash the sloes to remove any dirt and either prick each sloe a couple of times or put in the freezer for 24 hrs.

Place the sloes and water into the jar and add the Sugar on top.

Pour in the gin, close the lid and shake well for a few minutes.

Give the gin a shake every day for a month and then once a week for a few months or whenever you get the chance.

Leave for 3 months then add a table spoon of golden syrup (optional) and shake, leave for a further 2 weeks and strain into bottles.


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