Wine Recipes

Brewers Barn Apple and Blackberry Wine Recipe

Apple and Blackberry

An interesting wine that is made in the autumn and ready to drink by next summer, or use frozen blackberries any time of the year!

Brewers Barn Blackberry Wine Recipe


Blackberry wine is one of the best country wines available and can be made in autumn for the following summer or any time with frozen blackberries.

Brewers Barn Broad Bean Recipe

Broad Bean

This may seem an odd choice but you will be really surprised by the results, broad beans are in season from mid June.

Brewers Barn Cherry Wine Recipe


A beautifully sweet cherry wine recipe, perfect on its own with dessert or with tonic for a spritzer. Cherries are in season around June.

Brewers Barn Dandelion Recipe


Picked in spring time, this wine is traditionally drunk at Christmas. It definitely has a unique taste but is surprisingly moreish.

Brewers Barn Dried Peach Wine Recipe

Dried Peach

This wine can be made all year round from dried peaches and produces a stunningly crisp drink.

Brewers Barn Elderberry Wine Recipe


If you have missed the elderberries for the year or realised you didn't make enough, but fear not you can always used dried elderberries to make a superior rich red wine.

Brewers Barn Elderflower Wine Recipe


Elderflower wine is the most popular country wine made in the UK and there is a reason for it, a beautifully delicate drink that really tastes like the spring. 

Brewers Barn Garlic Wine Recipe


Garlic is not what most people might attribute to a pleasant tasting wine, however, this will surprise you!

Instant Coffee

This wine is probably the cheapest you can make and produces a wine with a mellow roasted coffee taste and aroma.

Brewers Barn Orange Wine Recipe


This recipe produces a light wine that is great chilled in the summer or heated up with spices in the winter.

Brewers Barn Pear Wine Recipe


Pear wine is made in the autumn and ready for the summer, if you have any spare pears left over why not try making Perry.

Brewers Barn Pineapple Wine Recipe


Pineapple wine is a great summer drink, with subtle notes of pineapple without being over acidic.

Brewers Barn Plum Wine Recipe


A crisp fruity wine with lots of character.

Brewers Barn Rhubarb Wine Recipe


A classic country wine that is simple to make and cheap so perfect for a beginner. Tastes great as a dessert wine.

Brewers Barn Strawberry Wine Recipe


Best made in August during the picking season, this wine will surprise you how flavourful and refreshing it is

Brewers Barn Tangerine Wine Recipe


This recipe produces a light wine that is great chilled in the summer or heated up with spices in the winter.