Every Budding Winemaker Has To Start Somewhere, Here Is What You Will Need:

First decide how much you want to make at a time

Brewers Barn 6 Bottle Wine Equipment Starter Set

6 Bottles

Make a gallon at a time in about a month.

Brewers Barn 15 Bottle Starter Kit

15 Bottles

Make just over 2 gallons in about a month

Brewers Barn 30 Bottle Wine Equipment Kit

30 Bottles

Make 5 gallons in as little as 7 days!

Then a Wine Kit oF your Choice

Choose a wine kit that is compatible with your equipment kit and you will be making quality wine in no time.

Full instructions are provided and you will be making great tasting wine in about a month, remember to read the instructions carefully, sterilise all equipment properly (steriliser included) and try to maintain a fermenting temperature of 18C - 25C.