Turbo Cider REcipe

Turbo cider is a very easy drink to make and can be one of the cheapest. The following recipe will walk you through the simple steps involved.

This lemon and lime cordial recipe is designed to be used with the equipment in our Complete Turbo Cider Kit.


4.5L Fruit Juice

150g Brewing Sugar

1 tsp Pectolase

1 tsp Tannin

1 sachet Cider Yeast


Sterilise all your equipment

Bring 500ml of juice to the boil and dissolve into it 150g sugar, then add to the demi-john.

Add 3L of juice to the demi-john, along with the Pectolase and the Tannin, gently shake the demi-john and add the Yeast. Half fill the airlock with water and attach to the demi-john

Fermentation should start to happen within a day or so. After about 4 days the foam will go down, when this happens, add the remaining juice and leave to ferment out (when bubbles stop passing through the airlock) around 1 to 2 weeks.

Once fermentation is complete, you can either syphon into a clean demi-john for a scrumpy cider or for a sparkling cider syphon into bottles with half a teaspoon of sugar, cap them and leave to carbonate for 2- 3 weeks.

The cider is ready to drink, but will improve if left longer.