Every Budding Micro-brewer has to start somewhere, here is what you will need: 


Brewers Barn Microbrewery Kit

The Brewers Barn Microbrewery

All the equipment you will need to get started, you can choose to either put your beer into a barrel or bottle it.

Along with a barrel or 40 x 500ml bottles the kit comes with a 25 Litre fermentation bucket, hydrometer, syphon tube, paddle and sterilser.


A beer kit of your choice

All these beer kits are designed to be used with the Brewers Barn Microbrewery and make 36-40 pints. There are two types of beer kits, single can kits and double can ones. Double can kits contain double the amount of malt extract so are better quality and no extra sugar is needed to brew them.

Brewers Barn Beer Kits

Full instructions are provided and you will be making great tasting beer in about a month, remember to read the instructions carefully, sterilise all equipment properly (steriliser included in the Microbrewery) and try to maintain a fermenting temperature of 18C - 25C.