Brewers Barn Stockpot Brews

What is Stockpot Brews?

A simple way to make great craft beer at home. We have a selection of ready made recipes personally conceived and tested by the Brewers Barn team.

Stockpot Brews Kits make 2 gallons (or 18 pints) of beer at a time and takes about a month from starting to sipping. They are designed to not take up a lot of space with bulky equipment and using our hop teabag technique, there is very little mess.

Brewers Barn What is Stockpot Brews
Stockpot Brews What is in the Recipe Packs

What is in the Recipe Packs?

Spray Malt - World class, British spray malt used to create your wort, the basis of your beer.

Hop Pellets - Quality hop pellets, sourced from all over the world. They are put into our innovative teabag design to save on mess.

Yeast - With the right conditions, the yeast will work its magic processing the sugars in the wort into the alcohol.

Steriliser - The most important part of the process (except the drinking) is to ensure everything the beer touches is sterile.

Priming Drops - Pop two of these into each bottle, where instructed and they will carbonate your beer perfectly.