Slow Gin Recipe

A fun and easy recipe to make a delicious autumnal drink that gets better with age, if you can keep it that long!

This sloe gin recipe is designed to be used with the equipment in our Sloe Gin Making Kit.

Where you can add either Dried Sloes or use your own freshly picked ones. 

If using freshly picked sloes remember to prick each one or freeze them over night to break the skins. This allows the juices to be absorbed by the Gin.

If using dried sloes,  leave in a bowl of water overnight to re-hydrate them.

If your using any of the Still Spirit Stills to make your sloe gin we have a handy Sloe Gin Liqueur Pack

You will need to bottle the finished wine, using either Glass BottlesCorks and Corker or using Plastic Bottles.


1 kg Fresh Sloes / 500g Dried Sloes

450g Sugar

3.5L Gin


Ensure you sterilise all equipment before you start.

If using Dried Sloes: First wash the dried sloes in water until the water runs clear, then soak them in warm water for 12 hours and rinse again.

If using fresh sloes: Wash the sloes to remove any dirt and either prick each sloe a couple of times or put in the freezer for 24hrs.

Place the sloes into the Demi-John and add the Sugar on top.

Pour in the gin, fit the bung and shake well for a few minutes.

Give the gin a shake every day for a month and then once a week for a few months or whenever you get the chance.

Leave for 3 months then add a table spoon of golden syrup (optional) and shake, leave for a further 2 weeks and strain into bottles.