Malt Extract Brewing

Malt Extract Brewing is simply making beer from malt extract (the stuff you get in the beer kit tins) except that the extract is unhopped.

The benefits of doing it this way is that some hoppy flavours are lost when condensing the Beer Kits into the tins and even some taste is lost from the malt extract when re hydrating it with small amounts of hot water, so the combination of boiling it for 90 mins and adding fresh hops creates the next level home brewed beer.

In this video we show how to create a beer with Dried Malt Extract and Liquid Malt Extract, both produce amazing results and used more and more by professional breweries.

In the video we are just making a simple single hopped IPA.

Dried Malt Extract

Brewers Barn Dried Malt Extract

Dried Malt Extract (also known as Spray Malt) comes in powdered form and requires thorough mixing with hot water to create the wort (pre-hopped beer)

Liquid Malt Extract

Liquid Malt Extract comes in 1.5Kg tins and is essentially the same as a beer kit except it is unhopped. 

Brewers Barn Liquid Malt Extract