Brewers Barn What are you going to brew?

Sterilise  -  Prepare  -  Ferment  -  Bottle  -  Drink

That is all there is to it!

Whether your thinking of starting your own microbrewery or just using up some excess rhubarb from the garden, with a few bits of equipment, anything is possible.

Below are some guides and videos to get you started.

Stop Wishing Start Homebrewing Brewers Barn


Brewers Barn Beer Making

Beer generally takes about a month from starting to sipping, roughly a week for fermenting and then three weeks in barrels or bottles to mature and carbonate. 

This never changes, its how you make the beer that differs. 

Here are a few of the methods:  

Brewers Barn The Microbrewery Starter Kit

The Microbrewery Starter Kit - The easiest method and takes about half an hour to prepare.

Brewers Barn The Next Step

The Next Step - Where its a little more hands on and you really get to create a unique brew

Brewers Barn All-Grain Brewing

All-Grain Brewing - The ultimate experience, where you re-create a professional brewery but on a small scale


You can make wine out of essentially anything and produce a superb drop effortlessly.

The time it takes depends on the method chosen, however some kits can be ready (and palatable) in 7 days!

Here are a few of the popular ways:

Brewers Barn Wine Making Starter Kits

Wine Making Starter Kits - The easiest method and some can be ready in 7 days!

Brewers Barn Country Wine Making

Country Wine Making - This method describes any wine made from the raw ingredient and takes much longer to mature.

Brewers Barn Mead Making

Mead Making - Having a sort of 'renaissance' currently, this section is for a basic mead recipe that you can tweak to your own tastes.


Much the same as brewing beer,  cider has a varying degree of time and effort depending on what you want to put in.

Cider from kits and turbo cider can take 30 mins to prepare whereas you can spend a whole day pressing your apples and doing it from scratch (but it is fun!). 

Here are a few ways of doing it:

Brewers Barn Micro-cidery Starter Kit

The Micro-cidery Starter Kit - The easiest method and takes about half an hour to prepare.

Brewers Barn Turbo Cider

Turbo Cider - Also very easy to prepare, this method is done using shop bought fruit juices. 

Brewers Barn Cider From Apples

Cider From Apples - Much more hands on but much more satisfying.


Spirits can be made in many ways from distilling yourself to just adding essences to shop bought vodka.

Distilling yourself requires a bit of understanding and can take roughly a week to 10 days, while sloe gin can take up to 3 months, either way you wont be disappointed with the results.

Here are a few ways of doing it:

Brewers Barn Using A Still

Using A Still - A method that is very simple, with various types of stills available it takes about a week. 

Brewers Barn Spirit Essences

Spirit Essences - Turn a bottle of shop bought Gin or Vodka into your favourite beverage instantly.

Brewers Barn Slow Gin Making

Sloe Gin Making - One of the most popular and delicious drinks to make at home.