Country Wine Making

This is the process of making wine using ingredients from your garden, allotment or grocers.

It does take longer to mature than if using kits (some recipes as little as 6 months but most can take at least a year). However, it is definitely worth the wait and will surprise you how easy it is to make outstanding wines.

This video demonstrates a basic elderflower wine recipe. The recipe makes roughly 6 x 75cl Bottles (1 gallon) and is made using our Country Wine Start Kit, as are all the recipes 

The video above demonstrates a common recipe style that provides great results, we have plenty of other recipes to get you started.

Cordial Making

It is very easy to make non-alcoholic cordials also, this video shows you how to make elderflower cordial and is made using our Cordial Starter Kit.

Click below to check out some more recipes too!

Making Wine From Grapes

Here is a handy guide to making wine from grapes, we also have a selection of fruit presses and accessories available. The equipment used can be found in our Making Wine From Grapes Kit.