Cider From Apples

Here is the basic process with a more detailed recipe available to download.

Cider Making Process


In order to extract the maximum juice from your apples to need to cut them into small pieces before you crush them, this can be done with a scratter. However for the small scale cider maker you can get away with cutting them into pieces or even taking a wooden post and smashing your apples in a bucket.

For smaller amounts of apples, you can cut them into small pieces and freeze them. Once they are defrosted they should be easily pulped by hand or potato masher.


Once the apples are in small bits they can go into the press and squeezed for every drop.

If you cant get hold of a press you can try using a potato masher and then straining the pulp through a fine straining bag.


Once the juice has been collected, add 1 crushed Campden Tablet per gallon to sterilise the juice, then wait 24-48 hours and add the yeast.

Bottling or Barreling

After about 10 days of fermenting you will need to then decide where to store the cider, either in bottles or in a barrel. If you want sparkling cider you add a bit of sugar here and leave for 3 weeks to mature, then its ready to drink. Your cider will dramatically improve with age if you can wait that long!


We have a Cider from Apples Making Kit available with all the equipment you will need to ferment your cider. Barrels, Bottles and Presses sold separately.

The link above is to a 1 gallon (4.5 litre) kit, click here for the Cider Making From Apples Kit 5 gallon (23 litre).