Brew In The Bag

Brew In The Bag is the easiest method of all grain brewing and the cheapest to set up, all you need is a Large Pot (depending on what batch size you want to make) and a large steeping bag for the grains.

Here is a video demonstrating the process and below that is a brief description. In the video we are using the Brew In A Bag Starter Kit to make 3 gallons of a single hopped IPA, for which full instructions are provided. A number of 3 gallon recipe kits are also available for you ready made or you can create your own.

The large pot enables you to heat up an amount of water to your desired mashing temperature, then you take it off the heat, add the grains in the bag and put the lid on. Mash for 90 mins maintaining the desired temperature.

Lift the bag of malts out of the pan and circulate (sparge) with more heated water. 

Finally, bring to a rolling boil and add the hops, boil for 60 mins and then sit in an ice bath to cool it to yeast pitching temperature and ferment as usual.

Brewers Barn Brew In A Bag Starter Kit

Here is everything you will need to make a batch of beer including a free Brew In The Bag Recipe Pack. The pan will allow a full 5 gallon batch so you can use either the Brew In The Bag Recipe Packs or the 5 gallon All Grain Kits.

If you have all the other items included in the Complete Brew In The Bag Starter Kit then we also have just the Pot, Bag and Thermometer.

Brewers Box Brew In The Bag Equipment Starter Kit
Brewers Barn Brew In The Bag Recipe Packs

Check out our 3 gallon Brew In The Bag Recipe Packs. These Packs have all the malt, hops and other items you need, just add the water!