About Us

Craft Beer and Wine Making is a rewarding and varied hobby

This age old pastime is going through a resurgence at the moment with the help from the popularity of the American craft beer revolution and the investment manufactures have put into the quality of the kits and equipment, with some quality grape and fruit juice produced on vineyards around Europe and world class malt extract made just down the road in Stowmarket. All contributing to the production of impressive wines and pub quality beers, now has never been a better time to throw yourself into the pleasure of making your own.

Our View of the World

Here at Brewers Barn, we are trying to offer you a varied and extensive range of kits, equipment and ingredients for the beginner and expert alike with any free advice you require, no question is too stupid. We also want to provide these items at reasonable prices, to compete with any on the internet. This is what we think will distinguish ourselves from the large high-street and on-line shops now selling homebrewing supplies.

Get Involved

Anything you do not see on the website or in store, please get in touch and we will endeavour to get it in for you, we have an extensive Hop, Malt and Yeast list as well as any niche equipment you may require.

For any questions or queries please get in touch either through email (info@brewersbarn.co.uk), telephone (01473 232 422), social media (Facebook:www.facebook.com/brewersbarn, Twitter: https://twitter.com/brewersbarn) or come into the shop and shoot the breeze.  

To all of you, from all of us at Brewers Barn - Thank you and Happy Brewing!

John Ridealgh