Theses are the essential steps in brewing beer using the 3 Piece Method, full instructions will be provided with any of the 5 gallon All Grain Kits and the All Grain Starter Kit. For the beginner, the best way to start is to get stuck in.

The Process

Heating the water - using a boiler or pan on the hob, you need to heat your desired amount of water to just above the temperature you want to mash at (depends on recipes but usually 65C - 75C)

Adding the grains to the mash tun - Your mash tun can be as simple as a bag in the pan with a lid on or a converted cooler box.

Mashing - Usually takes about 60 - 90 mins and allows the conversion of starch in the malt to fermentable sugars to take place. It is essential to maintain your set mashing temperature throughout the mash.

Sparging - the mash is then sprayed or rinsed through with hot liquor to allow all sugars to be washed from the malt to get all the goodness from it. 

Boiling - Once all the wort (unfermented liquid) is collected it is then brought up to the boil and left at a roiling boil for a set period in which the hops are added at varying stages (again depends on the recipe but typically 60 - 90 mins). This allows the bitterness to be extracted from the hops

Cooling - Finally the wort is cooled to the ideal temperature for the Yeast to start working (usually 18C - 30C) It is important to cool your wort quickly to limit any infection and to help when clearing later on. You can get Copper Wort Chillers or simply put the wort in an ice bath until temperature is achieved.

Brewers Barn The All Grain Starter Kit

This kit includes all the equipment you need to make a beer using the all grain method, note it does not include anything to store your beer in once fermented. You can choose to add a Barrel or 40 x Bottles to the kit or use your own equipment. Each Starter Kit comes with a Free 5 Gallon Recipe pack (just add your choice of pack in the note section or email us after your order).

We also have a selection of recipe packs for use with the All Grain Starter Kit or any 5 gallon set up. 

These recipe packs contain all the grains, hops and yeast.

You'll need to have a basic understanding of the All grain method but basic instructions are provided.