Fermentation Bucket and Lid (10L)

10 Litre Fermentation Vessel and Lid (Full Colour - Graduated).

This bucket is ideal for starting to make any of our Country Wine Recipes (1 or 2 Gallon) that needs soaking of fruit or for fermentation to start in an open bucket before adding to the sealed fermentation container. This is why at Brewers Barn we include it in our Country Wine Starter Kit and Mead Making Starter Kit.

It can also be converted into its own fermenter for 2 gallon batches of wine by drilling a hole in the lid and fitting a Grommet and Airlock

Finally as it is a 10 litre (2 Gallon) bucket, it is  incredibly useful when racking off your wine, as a vessel to syphon your wine into and store while you clean out the Demi-John


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