Mead Recipe

Mead Recipe from Brewers Barn
Here is a mead recipe for 1 gallon, it takes some time but is well worth the wait, you wont be disappointed.

This mead recipe kit is designed to be used with the equipment in the Complete Mead Making Starter Kit.

You will need to bottle the finished wine, using either glass bottles, Corks and Corker or using Plastic Bottles.


1.5 Kg (3 lbs) Honey (2 Kg or 4 lbs for a sweet mead)

2 ½ tsp Citric Acid

1 tsp Yeast Nutrient

1 sachet Sparkling Wine Yeast


Ensure you sterilise all equipment before you start.

Make up the yeast starter first, add the Yeast and a tablespoon of sugar to ½ cup of luke warm water, gently stir and cover.

Place the honey in your Fermentation Bucket and add 2 litres (4 pints) of boiling water, mix to dissolve the honey and allow to cool to 21C (70F).

When cooled, stir your yeast starter solution of a few seconds and add to the fermentation bucket along with the Citric Acid and Nutrient, stir gently to disperse.

Transfer to the demi-john, fit the airlock and bung and leave to ferment at a temperature of 20 -25ºC.

After a week top up to within an inch of the neck with water, reattach the airlock and continue fermenting.

When the airlock stops bubbling or you get a hydrometer reading of about 1.000 (or lower) you will know fermentation has stopped. After fermentation you want to take the mead off the sediment at the bottom, you do this by sterilising your fermentation bucket again and syphoning out the mead into the bucket, trying to avoid transferring any sediment, then clean out the demi-john and pour the mead back in. if your not convinced you got rid of all the sediment wait an hour for the sediment to settle and repeat.

Repeat this stage every 3 months or so.

Once the wine has cleared, clean and sterilise some bottles and syphon the wine into them then cork the bottles if using glass or attach the cap if plastic.

Mead takes longer to mature than wine and is best after 2 years of maturing in the bottle, but will get better if left longer.

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