Making Beer Using A Double Can Malt Extract Kits

Making Beer Using A Double Can Malt Extract Kits Guide from Brewers Barn

This guide is to introduce you to making beer using a double can malt extract kit such as the Woodfordes range pictured.

All the equipment needed is included in our Complete Homebrew Starter Kit For Beer.

This is a general guide, some kits follow slightly different instructions so make sure you read the instructions provided with the can before hand.

apart form the equipment in the Starter Kit, all you will need is a kettle.

The whole process is quite difficult to get wrong if the instructions are followed, two key things to focus on getting correct are to Sterilise everything thoroughly and while fermenting keep the beer at a temperature of about 18C - 25C and out of direct sunlight. If you get this right your well on your way to making top quality beer.

So here we go;

Sterilise all equipment that will contact the liquid, a pot of Steriliser is provided in the Starter Kit. Add a few teaspoons of steriliser to 1/2 gallon of warm water and swirl around everything making sure its all coated and then rinse well with cold water.

Stand your can of Malt extract in warm water for 5 mins to loosen the contents.

Pour the contents of the can into your Fermenting Bucket.

Rinse out any leftover liquid in the can with a little hot water and add to the Fermenting Bucket.

Boil 1.7L of water and add to the Fermenting Bucket.

Mix well with the Plastic Stirrer.

Top up the Fermenting Bucket to 22.7L with cold water and stir well again.

Measure the temperature of the beer, should be between 18C and 25C.

Note down the specific gravity using the Hydrometer. See the post How To Use A Hydrometer for instructions.

Sprinkle the yeast onto the beer. The instructions of the kit will direct you to stir the yeast in or not.

Put the lid on the Fermenting Bucket loosely.

Put the Fermenting Bucket in a room with a constant temperature (18C - 25C). Fermentation will commence after about 24 hours.

Leave the beer to ferment for at least 6 days. Check the instructions of the kit as this will vary

After fermentation is complete, take another Hydrometer reading to work out the ABV%. See the post How To Use A Hydrometer for instructions.

If you are bottling your beer;

  • Sterilise all your bottles.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar to each 1 pint bottle.
  • Syphon your beer into the bottles, leaving about an inch from the top.
  • Cap the bottles, gently shake then leave to stand for 2 days at room temperature.
  • Move your bottles to the designated storage area.
  • The beer will be ready in about 3 weeks and will improve with age.
  • Remember to pour gently to avoid disturbing the sediment.

If you are using a pressure barrel;

  • Sterilise your pressure barrel.
  • Add 85-100g sugar to the barrel (see instructions for specific amount).
  • Syphon the beer into the barrel .
  • Leave to stand for 2 days at room temperature.
  • Move the barrel to your designate storage area.
  • The beer will be ready in about 3 weeks time.

Once the beer has fully matured you will have 40 pints of wonderful home made, craft beer. Congratulations.