The Muntons 15 Bottle Wine Fermenter

Muntons Wine Fermenter

The Muntons 15 Bottle Wine Fermenter is part of our 15 Bottle Equipment Kit and is key to successfully making the Cedars Gold or Stark Naked 15 bottle wine kits or if you have that perfect country wine recipe that you want to make more of.

The fermenter is a clever piece of kit. One of its main attractions is that it includes its own internal fruit strainer so syphoning country wines is a lot easier, especially if you’re used to using an ill-fitted kitchen sieve over a bucket. It is also very handy in catching the rogue Elderflower heads that are hard to remove and handily, it has a strainer on the tap to filter out any fruit pulp if you’re making wine where you ferment with the fruit in.

The tap itself is a great advantage as it allows you to bottle your wine straight from the fermenter itself, saving a bit of time and effort. You could even dispense from the fermenter into your glass!

The best feature this item has is its large neck, meaning that cleaning, or more importantly being able to get your hands into it to clean, is simple. The only downside is that it doesn’t have handles to help with lifting when full and wet.

The Muntons fermenter is designed for 15 bottles, annoyingly, most other kits come as a 6 bottle or 30 bottle so this fermenter will be for its own purpose, however, if you want to make more of that country wine recipe that went well last time (see our Recipes for inspiration) or would like to upgrade to the exceptional quality of the Cedar’s Gold or Stark Naked wine kit range then this simple fermenter is ideal.