Modifying a Beer Kit

Modifying a beer kit is a great way of getting something extra out of a kit and putting a unique and personal touch to your beer without too much hassle.


Dry hopping is where you add extra hops to a kit to boost the aroma and bitterness of your beer, you add the hops either directly to the Fermenter during fermentation (for maximum aroma you want to add them 2 days before you want to bottle) or to the barrel.

Head to our Hops Section for ideas, any variety of hops can be used for different flavours and aromas.

The amount you use to dry hop is dependent on your own personal taste but to start with put a small handful in the fermenter, while fermenting, and see what you get.


These are added instead of the sugar when asked to in the instructions and will increase the body of the beer adding more malt without sweetening the beer as sometimes happens with sugar. 

Spraymalts come in different styles and will change the colour of your beer, so make sure you pick the variety that suits the kind of beer you are making. 


Adding fruit to your beer is a great way of dramatically improving the flavour, not everything works, but experimenting is the best part.(please check online first for any poisonous fruits or flowers or anything that may ruin your beer)

Crush or pierce the fruit and boil in a pan of water for 30 mins or so, strain and use to mix in your malt extract kit and(or) sugar. From there, continue as usual with the instructions

you will have to experiment with the amounts to get the taste that works for you. Cherries or plumbs work great in stouts!


In exactly the same way as you would with the fruits, flowers can be used. some great tasting brews can be achieved using, Elderflowers, rose petals, liquorice or nettles.